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We deliver cutting-edge soybean food and feed-grade seed varieties with superior protein and oil composition, improved feed digestibility, low trypsin inhibitor and other qualities sought by niche and high-volume end users, while also maintaining farmer yields.

Our eMerge product line is internationally known to meet non-GMO Verified certification and sale in all markets, including the EU.

Our Navita product line maximizes nutritional content making these varieties ideal for food and feed grade applications while simultaneously optimizing yield.

As consumers continue to demand greater focus on health and sustainability in food production, Benson Hill Seeds will continue to deliver an expanded portfolio of seed products with unique attributes enabling and empowering growers to meet these needs.

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  • Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson


    Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the seed industry with broad practical experience in sales and marketing management, strategy development, and operations. Jeff was previously with Syngenta, then formerly employed 19 years with Pioneer (now Corteva) which included 4 years of living in South Africa as the marketing manager for Africa. Jeff has a B.S. in Agriculture Education. He also has completed the coursework for a Master’s program in Ag Ed geared towards international agricultural development, with a minor in Economics and an emphasis in Latin American Studies.

  • Bill Rhodes

    Bill Rhodes

    Soybean Breeder

    Bill, a native of Maryland and a graduate of Salisbury State College, has become one of the preeminent soybean breeders in the country. Many popular Asgrow and eMerge varieties have been released from his program on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Bill joined eMerge in 2000 as Vice President of Research. Bill conducts a very large, well-organized breeding program that produces industry-leading soybean varieties containing multiple value-added traits. He oversees the winter research and production programs in the U.S., Argentina, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, and the molecular lab in Maryland. Bill oversees soybean research activities year-round.

  • Janet Reents

    VP Business
    Operations & Marketing

    From her time helping on the family farm to her career spanning multiple Fortune 500 companies, Janet has always been passionate about growth. She brings to Benson Hill over 20 years of proven success in brand management, marketing and sales. Janet has worked with companies such as Maytag and Electrolux, developing innovative go-to-market strategies for new product lines, building value-added consumer promotions with top-tier marketing partners and implementing results-driven programs.

    Serving most recently as the VP of Business Operations and Sales & Marketing for Schillinger Genetics, Janet drove business growth and profitability by developing functional strategies for the Human Resources, Information Technology, Capital Acquisitions, Marketing, Sales and Training departments. Prior to joining Schillinger Genetics, Janet was the Marketing Manager for Fortune Brands Vista West division where she led all strategic marketing, branding and business development efforts.

    Janet has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Marketing from Upper Iowa University and holds ISO 9001 and Lean Sigma certifications.

  • Pedro Gonzalez

    Pedro Gonzalez

    Research Scientist

    Pedro is a soybean breeder for Benson Hill stationed the Grinnell, IA research center. He received his B.S. in Biotechnology from Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador in 2008. There he focused his research in agro-biotechnology with emphasis in Cryopreservation, and assessment of genetic diversity using molecular marker technology of Solanum quitoense. He arrived to the US in late 2008 to study at Iowa State University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Plant Breeding, working in corn breeding and genetics. <br>
    Since 2014, Pedro has been leading the northern soybean breeding program for eMerge Genetics. His team heavily focuses in trait integration and product development of high nutritional quality soybean varieties. It has been his passion to improve and adapt the eMerge germplasm of maturity ranging between 1.0 to 3.2, to overcome the ever-changing environmental pressure in order to deliver high performing products to our farmers and end consumers. During the past five years, Pedro has released several soybean varieties containing novel traits, including High Oleic fatty acid, Ultra Low anti-nutritionals, High Protein; which will serve the food and feed industries. <br>
    As part of his experience, Pedro has learned to interact, and present reports to cross functional groups up and down the commercial pipeline. This exposure has helped the breeding program to develop and release Non-GMO soybean varieties for the European Union; understanding the needs and focus of that market.




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